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Moody H Standards

What the heart wants it will find...
Paw-Prints left on your heart and mine...
Love begins with this puppy I call mine...

It's my pleasure to share my love of Australian Shepherd's with everyone I meet, especially pet lovers like you! We would like to introduce you to your next 4 legged family member. We strive to raise a breed what's intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, protective companions that you can trust with your whole family. We are not new to breeding. We have raised and been around dogs our whole life. We have been breeding for 7 years, and the best you could ask for of our Standard Australian Shepherd's. We raise working stock lines along with show quality lines. Now we enjoy our dogs as pets and family members and we want others to enjoy this breed as well. I did currently keep my original two breeders due to age. But we would like to continue with raising working stock Standards Aussies.  I want to provide every family with a wonderful and Beautiful pet to fill a meaningful purpose in their life even if they don't know they need it yet. As a person I never thought I would become a breeder, but I have fallen in love with Australian Shepherd's and they have become my passion to preserve this breed and Introduce them into your lives. My first thought was high maintenance, then the grooming requirements, and that they was something not what I was looking for. The more I researched the breed the more I came to the conclusion I think I needed a Aussie. Not everyone knows Aussies are a working breed, they are herders, and watchers and good at their jobs. So please if you are interested in our Aussies please do your homework. I will help you all that I can and provide you with the correct information and knowledge that I know. We all want something different, I know I do at least. I have color charts under Contracts & Color and information under Standard Aussies on our page. If you are truly looking for your next pup please look at the information on our breeders. I must say you will find this breed the most intriguing of all. They are smart, fast learners, highly trainable, funny or goofy, velcro to your hip, amazing with other animals, family, very alert, active, and boy do they shed but the best part they will never leave you alone. I can guarantee you will never find a more qualify family member than a Aussie. They definitely changed my outlook on the breed.





Stud Services

With many years of experience and countless clients, you will have a choice between two very beautiful boys. Both awesome family dogs as well as companions. I hope you choose the best boy for your girls...

Puppies Available

There is nothing more breath taking than puppies, you can rest assured that you will find your next best friend here. Raised around other breeds of dogs, kids, these babies will be the talk of the town! We strive to improve the breeding of our puppies and dogs.